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Congratulations, worthy of an Oscar !

Sorry, more Cecil Beaton than Cecil B DeMille.

#1 Which of these actors was not one of The Magnificent Seven?

#2 Which one of these duos were ‘The Magnificent Two’?

#3 Which of these actors starred in the film ‘Grand Prix’?

#4 Which one of these actors has never won an acting Oscar?

#5 Steve McQueen and Richard Attenborough appeared together in 2 films. One was ‘The Great Escape’, what was the other?

#6 In the film ‘Heaven’s Gate’, what is Heaven’s Gate?

#7 Marlon Brando only Directed one film. Which one?

#8 What number does Herbie the Beetle display?

#9 In the 1965 film ‘The Great Race’, the contestants race motor cars from New York to which destination?

#10 Akira Kurosawa’s 1957 ‘Throne of Blood’ is a version of which Shakespeare play?

#11 The film ‘Letter to Brezhnev’ is set in which city?

#12 The actor Anthony Quinn was born in which country?

#13 Which actress was married to both David McCallum and Charles Bronson?

#14 How many Harry Potter films did Richard Harris appear in?

#15 Who played Chess against Death in ‘The Seventh Seal’?

#16 What year did the first ‘talkie’, ‘The Jaz Singer’ appear?

#17 What was the name of the dog in the ‘Thin Man’ series of films?

#18 What type of car did Steve McQueen drive in the famous ‘Bullitt’ car chase?

#19 Which city hosts the Tribeca Film Festival?

#20 In the film ‘Raise the Titanic’, which rare element are they hoping to recover?