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Congratulations, Hollywood awaits.

Sorry, not so much the Oscars, more the Razzies!

#1. Which sport features in the 1972 film ‘Kansas City Bomber’ ?

#2. Which actor played the Private Eye Tony Rome?

#3. Which pop star had an uncredited cameo in the James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’?

#4. The 2013 film ‘Sunshine on Leith’ predominately features music by which group?

#5. Which film features the largest ever crowd scene?

#6. Who played Albert Einstein in the 1994 film ‘I.Q.’?

#7. Which was the first year that the Oscars were awarded?

#8. Which 1975 film was set in the town of ‘Amity’?

#9. Which of these actors did NOT appear in the 1973 film ‘American Graffitti’ ?

#10. Who wrote the book upon which the film ‘Dr Zhivago’ was based?

#11. What breed of dog was Toto in ‘The WIzard of Oz’ (1939) ?

#12. Who directed ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ (1962) ?

#13. Who starred in the 1954 biopic ‘The Glenn Miller Story’ ?

#14. In which country is the 1946 film ‘The Overlanders’ set?

#15. In which film does Tom Hanks say ‘Earn this.’ to Matt Damon?

#16. Who played Marlon Brando’s brother Charley in ‘On The Waterfront’ (1954)?

#17. Who played Dr Watson to Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock Holmes?

#18. Which film contained the character ‘Dr. Nefario’?

#19. Which Country was the actress Natalie Portman born in?

#20. Which was the FIRST ‘Carry On’ film? Carry On …