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Sorry, more Mr Bean than Alfred Hitchcock!

#1. In ‘Pinochio’ (1940) Figaro was a …?

#2. Which of these characters did NOT appear in ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ (2003)?

#3. In ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ (2011) which character was the spy ?

#4. Which Private Investigator features in the 1955 film ‘Kiss Me Deadly’?

#5. In which film did James Stewart play a Clown?

#6. Which street did Norma Desmond live on?

#7. The 2004 film ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ is based on the early life of …?

#8. Where was the 1962 film ‘Hatari’ set?

#9. Which actor played ‘The Elephant Man’ (1980)?

#10. Which sport is featured in the 1979 film ‘Breaking Away’?

#11. The 1966 film ‘The Quiller Memorandum’ is set in which city?

#12. Which film was set on the island of Todday?

#13. Who played Cardinal Wolsey in ‘A Man for All Seasons’ (1966)?

#14. In the 1982 film ‘Fitcarraldo’ what was the main character trying to build in the jungle?

#15. In ‘Casablanca’ (1942) what is the name of the bar run by Signor Ferrari?

#16. Who played ‘Iceman’ in ‘Top Gun’ (1986)?

#17. Who (in)famously played the Centurion at the crucifixion in ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ (1965)?

#18. Bruce Banner is the real name of …?

#19. Which manservant accompanied Phileas Fogg ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ (1956)?

#20. In the 1963 film ‘The Iron Maiden’, what was The Iron Maiden?