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Work Programme 2020

The Ritz had already planned an ambitious programme of refurbishment before the Coronavirus struck. The programme includes replacing the front part of the downstairs auditorium floor, seats, some decorating and new acoustic ceiling panels. This would inevitably have caused some disruption for our audiences. In the circumstances we have been able to bring forward the planned work so that we can complete as much of it as possible before we re-open, thereby causing as little disturbance as possible.


Sean Painting the balcony
Sean painting – as usual.


Ritz bacony logo
Ritz balcony logo.


Removing old ceiling tile
There is a hole in the ceiling. The chairman is looking into it.


Old ceiling tile and many years dirt
Old ceiling tile and many years dirt – it was better not to be stood underneath them as they came out!


John ceiling tiles
New acoustic ceiling tiles.



In the beginning
In the beginning …


Seats rem oved
Our new ‘social distancing’ seating plan.


Standing room only.


Not all the underfloor was in very good condition!

No going back …


Acoustic ceiling tiles.




Underfloor insulation.



The concrete arrives.




The new concrete floor.


Watching concrete dry…


Only 2 rows of ceiling tiles left to go.



New Kiosk screen.


Carpet down – almost there.



… and then there were seats !

New wheelchair space
One of the 4 new wheelchair spaces.


New seats.




None of these pictures were taken by Cecil Beaton or David Bailey.